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well I'm obviously not an artist... so i don't what I'm doing here. However i Guess people want to know who I am. Well I'm not going to tell you who I am, but I'm going to tell you what I do. I enjoy to write, hang out with friends, play video games, watch movies, read comics, draw, exercise, play sports occasionally, and multiple other things.... That's it, That's honestly most of the stuff that I do. What are you waiting for a cookie... I'm boring, get outta here. BUT if you're at all interested in me, you can follow me on twitter
Howdy there folks of random yonder, my birth name is the acommoncritic, and I have a confession to make. I haven't been using this site in a long time, and I feel like todays my time to change. I'll be trying my best to post things on a natural basis whether it be reviews, news, comics, my thoughts on things, or drawings.... probably drawings, or reviews.... or news..... its hard to tell....probably comics..... But overall, I've got a lot of things i've been meaning to finish up, but the reddit side in me wants me to be lazy and I just couldn't do anything.... probably best to rephrase that and just say, wouldn't do anything...

BUT HEY!! Todays a new day and I feel like a new man. Kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger making his return to the big screen.... without the crappy cartoon show called the Govenator....... and without the scandal thing.... Anywho, I'll be trying my best to review whatever possible things are around my vicinity and/or memory, probably comic book or movie reviews, AND with the powers that be at Netflix, my reviewing capabilities can reach anywhere...... that is until I'm homeless.

Now why I've been so late.... well school just sucks... doing the work that comes along with school sucks, and having fun with friends just sucks, so OVERALL daily life just sucks (P.S daily life doesn't suck.... at least not yet.... I'll get back to you on that). So I'll be trying my best to stay up to date on deviantart, and support whoever needs supporting, but for now..... its time to draw.

My drawings will be coming eventually, so just keep those bug eyes watchful, because they will be coming..... Not that I mean bug eyes are bad. YOU my beautiful random venturer look gorgeous, nor should it be a problem that YOU have bug eyes. It's perfectly acceptable to have bug eyes.... I think.  IS it a problem to have bug eyes?.... I'll get back to on that..... probably with a doctor.

                                                  Have Safe Journeys Random People
                                                              AND SAYONARA

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